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Three women.  Executives, mothers, wives, girlfriends, ex-girlfriends, daughters, sisters, mentors, mentees, friends, truth slayers.  We are only interested in having real conversations about real issues.  


We know.  Everyone says that. 


But, here’s the difference. 


We go hard in the paint and we invite you into our world.  We dare you to laugh, cry, think, but most importantly, do something. 

Why The Pink Couch?

Changing the world,

one uncomfortable conversation at a time

The best, most authentic conversations happen with a glass---or six---of wine on a comfy sofa. We are long on opinions, quick on wit, and short on patience for buffoonery, nonsense and non-badassery (if that’s not a word, it should be).


No topic is ever off the table, or shall we say, couch.  We are strong believers in your friends who stab you in the front and, as such, bring on the knives.


We have lived.  We have a lot to say.  And we are betting there are women (and men too) who will be interested in our perspective. 


But, this is way more than talk.


The Pink Couch is a movement.


Catch us when and where you can.

Your Hosts

Meet the ladies behind The Pink Couch movement


As a mother of dragons, Robin runs towards the fire in her relentless pursuit to protect human dignity by fearlessly setting ablaze legacy mindsets.  


The good news is Robin has her sights zeroed in on setting ablaze healthcare injustices. If you’re down with the cause, consider yourself a member of her swarm.


She doesn't move based on feelings, Kennedy moves based on faith. She is THE Spiritual Boss Chick, transforming businesses and lives while wearing a crown both figuratively and literally as International titleholder.


Don't let the smile and pageant wave fool you though, this Afro-Latina will snatch you up and get your whole life together if you stand in the way of her passion.


Born in the UK. Raised in California.  Changing the game one voice and one reflection at a time.

As a global child, Ije knows representation matters and so does connection. Whether it's connecting people to people, purpose or causes, she is living her best life when she is working with others to unleash their super power and unapologetically live life to the fullest.  Meet her on the corner of Corporate Queen and Naija Salsera but be ready for the journey.


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