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The Pink Couch Live

The Pink Couch Live

The Pink Couch Live


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Where those
in charge
get recharged
to continue
to take charge. 

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from the
comfort of

We cannot do what we do day in and day out without our swarm on speed dial.

But if your battery is dead when you go to make the call, what's a girl to do?


The Pink Couch

is the place where those in charge

get recharged

to continue to take charge.

While we don't proclaim to be experts on a wide variety of topics,

we are experts in our lives.

And, boy have we lived.


No topic is ever off the table, or shall we say, couch.

And this is way more than talk.

Come sit and get uncomfortable

on the comfort of 

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As a mother of dragons, Robin runs towards the fire in her relentless pursuit to protect human dignity by fearlessly setting ablaze legacy mindsets.  


The good news is Robin has her sights zeroed in on setting ablaze healthcare injustices. If you’re down with the cause, consider yourself a member of her swarm.


She doesn't move based on feelings, Kennedy moves based on faith. She is THE Spiritual Boss Chick, transforming businesses and lives while wearing a crown both figuratively and literally as International titleholder.


Don't let the smile and pageant wave fool you though, this Afro-Latina will snatch you up and get your whole life together if you stand in the way of her passion.


Born in the UK. Raised in California.  Changing the game one voice and one reflection at a time.

As a global child, Ije knows representation matters and so does connection. Whether it's connecting people to people, purpose or causes, she is living her best life when she is working with others to unleash their super power and unapologetically live life to the fullest.  Meet her on the corner of Corporate Queen and Naija Salsera but be ready for the journey.


September 27, 2017, our dear friend died while giving birth to her daughter. Out of the seven of us, she was the only one who did not choose a career in healthcare. Despite our experience, we had no idea that women of color are up to 4 times more likely to die during childbirth.


To us, that was unacceptable.


If we--healthcare executives--didn't know about maternal mortality in the 21st century, we bet others were just as clueless.

We had to act.


Joining then Congressmen Joe Kennedy's coalition to combat maternal mortality validated the lack of awareness within communities of color.



We are a platform dedicated to having uncomfortable conversations on the comfort of a couch. We spotlight those topics that do not rise to the level of mainstream importance simply due to body parts and the color of one's skin. Since inception, we've spotlighted uncomfortable topics such as human trafficking, suicide, mental health, relationships, covid, racism, bullying, and sexual harassment.


Our goal is simple. If we can change the mindset of just one person per conversation, we not only honor our dear friend, but help save lives. To date, we are batting 1000!


We aren't celebrities.


We aren't athletes.


We're not even entertainers.

We don't claim to be experts.

Nor do we have all the answers.


We're just everyday people like you with a few stories to tell.

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